You said yes, booked the vendors and planned the Pinterest worthy decor, but don’t forget the beauty details. Even if you entrust a makeup artist to help you get ready on the day of, getting your skin into it’s best condition will be a surefire bet for looking gorgeous. You may never get photographed more than you will on your wedding day. But don’t freak out (really, you want to maintain your chill to keep your skin and mind clear), we’ve created your complexion game plan so you can glow on.

Create a regimen and stick with it. Consult an esthetician or dermatologist to help you hone in on a routine that is best for your skin type. A professional can help you determine what products your skin needs so it can look flawless without a filter. If you don’t have a dermatologist near you, try an app like Spruce which allows you to upload a selfie and consult with a dermatologist for $40. Peach & Lily’s Ask Lily program also allows users to get a personalized consultation from an esthetician.

Once you’ve got the products down, stick to it! “Consistency is key,” says Boston dermatologist Emmy Graber. While professional facials help deep clean skin, at-home cleansing is integral for keeping skin clear. Be religious about cleansing both AM and PM but be even more diligent about not hitting the pillow with makeup at night. While your first thought to get your complexion squeaky clean might be to use an aggressive cleanser, think again; harsh formulas can cause your skin to overproduce oil and react.

  • Soak washcloths in hot water and place on your face for three minutes.
  • Hold your face over a bowl of hot water and place a towel over your head.
  • Buy a face steamer

Make sure to drink lots of water, hydrating from the inside out helps skin look more radiant. Before snoozing, apply an overnight facial cream to help brighten and prime skin for makeup. And get your Z’s, they call it beauty sleep for a reason, a well-rested bride will look naturally more radiant and have more energy to dance the night away!